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The Book

Countdown to Greatness

Countdown to Greatness “(C2G)” is designed to ignite and re-ignite an individual’s awareness of their potential.  The book reminds us that all individuals have greatness within them, and that we all have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  By helping others, we help ourselves to become better individuals, and move closer and closer to our own potential and to greatness.

This book provides basic principles of individual development, presented in a condensed and easy-to-understand format.  Individuals of all ages can take the information and apply it in their daily lives.  Readers can continuously look to this book to remind them of their purpose. The book’s focus is to inspire; however, its primary purpose is to help individuals understand their purpose, so they can find the key to their self-inspiration.  Once we find our internal fire, we will always know how to rediscover our fire, and re-ignite.